Security Watch Platform highly values your privacy with highest priority. This privacy statement provides data concerning the non-public and business data that Security Watch Platform collects, and therefore the ways that during which Security Watch Platform uses that non-public and business data. We have a tendency to square measure a public safety software package that’s designed to manage the data Security Guards and watchman corporations. This data is in private shared between qualified people among the protection business to reinforce the non-public safety of Guards and Investigators, deters crimes and lowers risk to businesses homeowners. All members should acknowledge that none of the data that’s shared between the protection industries are created public. Security Watch Platform records all data activity and provides mechanism to safeguard against abuse. These mechanisms embody email receipts of the search dealings, restricted access to the final user and continuous watching. Users square measure ruled by privacy laws that forbid any variety of revealing of personal data. The accuracy of any data displayed isn’t secure data at any time also will be shared with enforcement and anytime.

Security Watch Platform package Pvt Ltd, is committed to providing transparency to its customers and users with relation to its practices in handling their personal info. There to finish, this Privacy Policy describes however we have a tendency to collect, use and disclose personal info and the way this personal info are often consulted and corrected once necessary.

By visiting the web site, downloading the associated mobile application App or victimisation associated services, by contacting USA or agreeing to receive emails from Security Watch Platform, you settle for the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy doesn’t be websites or services operated by third parties. Security Watch Platform is thus not answerable for their privacy policies, procedures and practices concerning the protection of private info.

1. Security Watch Platform and your Employer

Security Watch Platform has entered into an agreement with your employer to grant you access to the App and the Services. Security Watch Platform will process your Personal Information on behalf of your employer and in accordance with its lawful instructions. The information you provide to us and/or upload via the App (whether or not it constitutes Personal Information) will also be governed by the Employer Agreement.

References in this Privacy Policy to “your employer” shall refer to the entity who has entered into the Employer Agreement with us, whether or not as a matter of law you are an employee, consultant or contractor of that entity, and such references are not intended to characterise or prejudice your status vis-à-vis that entity.

2. The Information we collect

The types of personal and other information we may collect about you are primarily from four sources: (a) information you provide; (b) information provided by your employer; (c) information collected via the App; and (d) information automatically collected. The legal bases for our processing of Personal Information are primarily that the processing is necessary for providing the Services and that the processing is carried out in our legitimate interests, which are further explained in the “How Do We Use Your Information?” section. We may also process Personal Information upon your consent, asking for it as appropriate.

a) Information You Provide
b) Information Provided by your Employer
c) Information Collected via the App
⦁ Phone: This permission allows the App to open your phone app to make outbound calls using phone numbers stored within the App. A few examples would be to contact your company’s emergency number, the local emergency services number or contacts at any of the locations you are working at. There are no components in the App which permit us to listen in on, record or tracks calls being made. All call actions being made will appear on screen when your phone app is opened after selecting an option to make a call. Once you have signed out of the App, there are no functions used to prompt a call from your device.
⦁ Location: This permission is used to grant the App access to transmit your device’s location, using Google’s location services, to the SWP server when you signed in and using the App. This is done to provide your employer with your location while you are working to ensure your safety. When you sign out of the App, all location transmissions are cut – SWP will not be able to access your location.
⦁ Camera: This permission is needed to allow the App to use your camera when taking pictures or video from within the App or when the remote safety recording is triggered by your employer. Like the phone permission, the App will simply open your camera app so that you can take the picture to add to a report or record a video (watch mode).
⦁ Microphone: Almost identical to the camera permission, the microphone permission is requested so that the App can record audio during a video recording or as part of the remote safety recording feature triggered by your employer.
⦁ Storage: The App requests access to your device’s storage so that it can access the images and videos taken from within the App and delete them once uploaded to the Security Watch Platform. There is also an option to upload images from your device instead of having to take the picture from within the App itself. This permission gives us the ability to access those images – we do not access any other data saved on your device. Like all other permissions the App requests, access to your device’s storage is not permitted once you have signed out of the app.

3. How we Utilize the Information?

We take steps designed to ensure that only the employees who need access to your Personal Information to fulfil their employment duties will have access to it. We use the information that we collect in a variety of ways in providing the Services and operating our business, including:

Administer access to this system;
Administer employment activities;
Identify occupants of a premises and control access;
Share information between the security industry of individuals with access to this system;
Send to you products that you purchase;
Supply to you services that you purchase;
Send to you statements and invoices;
Collect payments from you; and
Send you marketing communications.

4. Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Privacy policy and data protection as your personal information is stored and processed on a secured International company data base and server on GO DADDY, equipped with a Static IP and a 2 Way Authentication and extra added layers of security for data privacy. comes with the following features for the peace of mind for our clients :
Automatic backup to a secure cloud
Protection from hacks & ransomware
Safeguard against system failure
One-click site restoration
Keep backup copies close by
Full, flexible control
By visiting our Website, downloading the App or using the Services, you consent to the transfer of information to countries outside of your country of residence, which may have different data protection rules than in your country.

We will only keep your Personal Information for as long as reasonably necessary to fulfil the relevant purposes set out in this Privacy Policy and in order to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations. If you would like further information regarding the periods for which your Personal Information will be kept, please contact us as set forth in the “Contact Us” section.

5. Rights Regarding Your Personal Information

Security Watch Platform acknowledges that you have the right to access and correct your Personal Information, in accordance with applicable law, or additional rights under the GDPR. We collect information under the direction of your employer, and has no direct relationship with you. If you would no longer like to be contacted by your employer and/or would like to access or correct your Personal Information, please contact your employer that you interact with directly.

6. SWP Employees Soliciting

The client is prohibited from engaging in any form of recruitment or spawning of SWP employees and from directly or indirectly soliciting, inducing, or attempting to induce any SWP employees to leave their employment with the company. Any violation of these restrictions will be considered a breach of the agreement client account and suspended immediately with no access to the program.

7. Software Replication 

It is strictly prohibited to copy or replicate SWP Software. Client found using the domain knowledge of SWP program and engaging services to copy the program or its modules will be a direct violation of our terms and usage agreement and client’s account will be immediately suspended with no access further.

8. Update

We will update this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect changes to our practices, technologies, legal requirements and other factors. When changes are made to this Privacy Policy, they will become immediately effective when published in an updated Privacy Policy posted on this page unless otherwise noted. Your use of the Services following these changes indicates your consent to the practices described in the updated Privacy Policy.